Visitation Committee


In order to provide our Brothers who are ill or home-bound with visitations, the Committee on Visitation must be made aware of their need. To that end, we have included the email link below so that you can provide more timely information to us.

It is also important that you provide us with as much information as you have available. Please help us by letting us know of any special needs the Brother may have or if the family should be contacted before we visit.

Also consider that if the Brother in need is someone you know personally, the visit may be much more relaxed if you are there with one of the committee members. We are all Brothers but we, unfortunately, do not know all our members on a personal level. You can be of great help by joining in on the visit.

Thank you for your assistance.

The Committee on Visitation

Larry A. Fahnestock, P.M.
Willis R. Kocher, P.M.
Dale H. Crumb
Robin L. Hartman

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